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5/5 Star Reviews for Yale-G’s Kindle Ed7 on by “Verified Purchase”:

Reviewed by Javier on Sept. 11, 2021

After reading several reviews for usmle step 2ck I can vouch for yale’s First Aid for USMLE step 2ck. Not only is it extremely concise but also provides in depth explanations for several topics frequently seen in qbanks such as amboss or uworld. A very brief example I found when reading endocrinology: This is the only review book I have read that described both somogyi effect and dawn phenomenon for diabetic patient management. These two phenomena I have seen several times on qbanks but never described on a review book with the exception of yale’s first aid. I strongly recommend this review book for anybody looking to complement their qbank study for USMLE.



5/5 Star Reviews for Yale-G’s Kindle Ed6 on by “Verified Purchase”:


Comprehensive, succinct, to the point, written with outcome in mind” by Thanh-Tam N., 4/5/2019

I was happy with the 5th edition and this 6th Kindle edition has taken my study to the next level. The book has been written and updated with plentiful new information and improvement…So far I haven’t seen any downside of this book because I know what I want and this book provides me with a solution. This book is really an information blast… Many thanks to the author(s).   

 “Another great addition” by Zaka, 4/2/2019

Going over it chapter wise and with the pool of questions in the end are really helpful. All the guidelines and questions are according to up2date. I really appreciate the great effort by the author. Definitely recommended to all medical students.

 Perfect review, comprehensive, and detailed” by Lilian, 7/8/2019

Useful summary of most common diseases with many figures; the book also contains many mnemonics, key facts, and HY questions after each chapter. The book also has a lot of tables that compare and contrast similar disease processes.

 “Best review book for step 2ck” by Anji (Graduate of Harvard Medical School), 7/15/2019

I bought the 6th edition kindle version ( order number: D01-6856588-4345814), and after using it for a few months I can confidently say that this is the best review book available for step-2ck. It’s up-to-date, well organized and complements Uworld very well. I wish I found this book earlier, as I wasted a lot of time with other review books.

“Great summary & exam prep book” by Amazon customer, 02/14/2019

Great update from 5e. Great comprehensive coverage of all major topics. Far better than Kaplan’s.

“Great content” by Gulbinoran, 01/23/2020

This is a great book. I like the page layout as much as the content. In my opinion this is a way much better than the others.

“Great book for Step 2 Prep” by LH, 4/23/2020

Great book geared toward medical students and residents. I find this book to be very comprehensive and am using it daily in my step 2 prep. I like the numerous tables throughout the book that makes things easier to memorize and has pretty much everything you need all in one book. Recommended to my friends.

Note: Very comprehensive. Especially helpful on self exams.

“Good resource” by John, 5/2/2020

It is a good review for step 2 and step 3 exams. Highly recommended.

“Good book so far” by Damien R. on June 24, 2020

I purchased this recently for Step 2 and after beginning to go through Uworld, I’m finding everything there congruent to what is in this book. Meaning, it’s up to date and comprehensive!!!